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Executive Council

The Executive Council is responsible for any policy, planning, formulating guidelines and controlling the affairs of the Association and the Chapters in all respects as per the provisions of the constitution. It shall be the custodian of all assets, properties and funds of the Association. None of the members of the EC shall use the Association for promoting his personal interest, or interest of any other organization.

   SEA works democratically in every aspects. Executive Council is elected by the members every two years. Although Executive Council members are authorized to take independent decisions, they consult and consider opinions of other members providing the room for wider participation. How ever this Executive Council also takes certain decisions in case of urgency or when it is demanded.

Following persons are elected for various posts in SEA Executive Council for duration of 2015 and 2016. 

President Mr Sudarshan Hembram
   Vice President Mr Devendra Nath Murmu
   Vice President Mr Dasarathi Saren
General Secretary Mr Sadashiba Hembram
   Assistant General Secretary Mr Birendra Hansdah
   Assistant General Secretary Mr Mangal Mandi
   Assistant General Secretary Mrs Paramita Majhi Marndi
Treasurer Mr Bhimsen Majhi
   Assistant Treasurer Mr Subhashish Marndi
Advisor Mr Ananta Charan Majhi
Executive Members Mr Jaskan Hemram
Mr Dayanidhi Marndi
Mr Biswanath Murmu
Mr Salkhu Majhi
Mr Rajmal Majhi
Mrs Malti Murmu
Mr Raj Narayan Marndi
Mr Kaluram Hembram
Mr Gopi Nath Mandi
Local Chapters

Affairs of each Chapter are managed by a “Local Council” (LC) constituted at the Chapters as per the provisions of the SEA constitution. They are also elected having tenure of two years and their activity aligns with the activities of central SEA.

SEA has now chapters at 12 places, having minimum of 10 members on each. Local activities are managed by the Local Chapter Secretary including the financial transactions. How ever it also also takes bigger responsibility co-ordinating with the Executive Council of SEA as well as other chapters. Following people are elected as Local Chapter Secretary on different chapters:


Bangalore Mr Sameer Murmu
Bhubaneswar Mr Dukhu Kisku
Bokaro Mr Kalyan Majhi
Delhi Mr Ram Chandra Murmu
Jamsedpur Mr Kritibas Soren
Hyderabad Mr Badal Hansadh
Vizak Mr Jeevan Majhi
Kolkata Mr Suna Mandi
Mumbai Mr Ashish Soren
Nalco & Angul Mr Ase Kisku
Baripada Mr Sunil Tudu
Rourkela Mr Dukhi Shyam Soren
Overseas Mr Lalit Mohan Murmu
Past Elected Members

Many eminent members had been elected on different positions of SEA in past and had successfully shouldered their responsibility. Their contribution and dedication had shaped this association what we can see of today. Following people had been elected on different posts:

Mr Anant Ch Majhi President (2015-17)
Mr Jaskan Hembram President (2013-14)
Mr Megray Tudu President (2005-12)
Mr Bhada Majhi Advisor (2005-12)
Mr Debanand Marandi Executive President (2011-12), President(2017-2017)
Mr Kritibas Soren Vice President(2016-2018)
Mr Ramray Soren Vice President(2015-2016)
Mr Sudarsan Hembram Vice President(2005-12)
Mr Bhimsen Majhi Vice President(2011-12), Rourkela Chapter Secretary (2005-10)
Dr Kanhei Lal Hansdah Vice President(2005-10)
Mr Salkhu Majhi Vice President(2013-14), Chapter Secretary (Mumbai :2005-12)
Mr Dayanidhi Marandi General Secretary (2007-08)
Mr Brundaban Soren General Secretary (2009-10)
Mr Raj Narayan Marndi General Secretary(2011-12), Asst General Secretary(2009-10), Bangalore Chapter Secretary (2005-08)
Mr Swarup Baske General Secretary(2013-14), Chapter Secretary (2005-2012)
Mr Suna Mandi Asst General Secretary (2013-14)
Mr Somnath Hansdah Treasurer  (2005-12), Secretary(2015-2016)
Mr Bishu Soren Asst General Secretary(2009-10)
Mr Swarup Baske Asst General Secretary(2009-10), Angul Chapter Secretary (2005-10)
Mr Kalu Majhi Asst General Secretary(2011-12)
Mr Barisa Murmu Asst General Secretary(2016-18)
Ms Manko Hansda Asst General Secretary(2018-19)
Mr Kaluram Hembram Chapter Secretary (Bangalore :2011-12)
Mr Indra Govind Soren Chapter Secretary (Bangalore :2005-12)
Mr Barisa Murmu Chapter Secretary (Bokaro :2009-12)
Mr Sadasiba Hembram Chapter Secretary (Delhi :2011-12)
Mr Biswanath Murmu Chapter Secretary (Jamsedpur :2009-12), Kolkata-2007-08
Mr Gopal Hembram Chapter Secretary (Hyderabad :2011-12)
Mr Suna Mardi Chapter Secretary (Kolkata :2011-12)
Mr Kritibas Soren Chapter Secretary (Nalco :2011-12)
Mr Chhotoray Tudu Chapter Secretary (Baripada :2011-12)
Mr Mohan Marndi Chapter Secretary (Overseas :2011-12)
Mr Laxman Murmu Chapter Secretary (Rourkela :2011-12)

Roles and Responsibility

 The activities of the Executive Council is not limited within below mentioned rules but aligned with the prescribed guidelines. However based on interest and ability of current elected Executive Council, the changes might occur in bits and pieces without ruining the overall objectives of this body.


He is the constitutional head of the Association and presides over the Executive Council and General Body Meetings of the Association. He shapes the vision and mission of the association and guides EC to march towards direction of progress, prosperity. All decisions of EC and General Body comes into effect only after the approval of the President. He represents the Association in other forum or he authorizes an office bearer (normally in order of protocol) to represent on his behalf.


He is one of the top most elected representative having no direct accountability for functioning of the association. With the belief that an idle mind can invent the ideal, this position is usually crowned to a highly experienced senior person, who can watch the activities of this association from outside and can show direction when needed. His responsibility to have close eyes on other associations and bring the good aspects from them into it. His responsibility also lies on bridging personal relationship among members and maintaining harmony among them.

  Executive President

He is the working head of the association who takes sufficient measure ensuring the execution of this association aligning with its vision. He envisages the short tem and long term goals and guides EC to work on that. He sets values for the association and encourages members to respect those while working for it.


He assists all activities of the President and act on behalf of President on latter's absence. He is responsible for resource generation, and collaboration with other associations, NGO, corporate and government.  He should also work towards opening new chapters extending the membership of this association. He also leads the team in contributing towards policy making for government and act as social watchdog on issues impacting lives of adivasi.

  General Secretary

He carries out day-to-day activities of the association and takes full responsibility and accountability of this institution. He is responsible for bringing out from the members new initiatives and co-ordinates their execution. He maintains all public and confidential records on different projects, membership, research outcomes and issue based reports. He is responsible for giving updates on plan and progress of the associations to its member or  the general public depending upon requirement. He addresses questions raised as RTI as well as internal queries from the members. He co-ordinates all the chapter secretaries for different chapter activities such as project specific to a chapter, membership drive in different chapters etc. He is custodian of all assets and properties of the association and is authorized to exercise his plan on them with due consultation with the President or the Executive President. He calls for general body meeting or Executive Council meeting, conduct the meeting and circulates the minutes of meeting to concerned members. He prepares annual report containing the overall activities over the year and presents in AGM of the association.

  Assistant General Secretary

He supports  General Secretary on different activities and sometime lead the work on special initiative started by General Secretary. He will assist General Secretary on maintaining e-assets such as website, newsletter and souvenir as well as different external forum for the association. He also acts as an interface between all Chapter Secretaries and General Secretary and co-ordinate different activities among them.


He keeps track of all financial activities such as record of receipts, payment, disbursement, income and expenditure. He also maintains all books of account and accounts in bank for the association. He is responsible with Chapter Secretary for collection of membership fees from all the members and drives the initiative of special donation from members, well wishers, corporate, sponsorers and advertisers. He is responsible for the account of the association get audited every year. At the end of the year, he is also entitled to submit the financial report of the association.

  Assistant General Secretary

He supports  Treasurer on all activities related to finance. He is responsible for tracking financial transaction across projects and across chapters in co-ordination with different Project Leads and Chapter Secretaries. He also makes required internal audits of financial transaction performed on different events such as AGM, whose financial activities are managed by the local chapter linked to the AGM venue.

  Chapter Secretary

The Chapter Secretary represents the chapter in all Executive Body meetings. His primary job is to start projects in his chapter with the support of members across chapters. He should co-ordinate with Asst GS for membership drive in his chapter. Also his responsibility is to influence and motivate more and more people to involve in different projects instead of mere financial support. He should organize meetings among local members to involve them in decision support on local chapter activities as well as inform them all the happenings in other chapters.


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