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Current Year

Work on social issues and welfare initiatives that impacts minimum 10K people on the area of education, employability, health, environment, social justice and awareness.

Next 5 Years

Lead the journey of 100K people that have transformed  from under-privileged to privileged through improvised education and employability, self sustaining business and entrepreneurship, watchdog for social issues and policy making, green environment and healthy living.


Strategic Goals

Goals have been identified strategically in five areas that affects the life of adivasi as below:


  • Bring changes through entrepreneurial development and small business eco-system through proactive support and guidance. Emphasis on core competency sectors like agriculture, cottage industry and then extend to business and small scale industry.

  • Conduct studies on developmental issues and advocate appropriate economic and developmental policies.

  • Offer consultancy on various projects and provide techno economic feasibility research for the entrepreneurs, industries and government.


  • Provide special short term coaching as well as mentorship through out year  to engineer students for excellence in study leading to job, research, entrepreneurship or higher study.

  • Offer career counseling to adivasi youth to widen their prospects and talent helping them finding right opportunity.

  • Create infrastructural facilities to boost academic excellence among adivasi students and provide them the support normally not available from their institutions.

  Socio Cultural and Literary

  • Promote and preserve unique socio-cultural traditions of tribal societies applying state of art technology and managerial mindset.

  • Propagate and popularize “OL CHIKI” the script of the Santali language along with other tribal languages and scripts.

  • Inculcate the spirit of scientific temper among the tribal people in every aspect of life such as art, culture, tradition as well as on approach towards getting rid of ill beliefs.

  Health and Hygiene

  • Educate people on hygienic living in tribal villages as well as bring awareness on modern health initiatives from government such as vaccines for children, health issues of women, and different seasonal dreaded diseases.

  • Bring awareness among the tribal people the bad effects of alcoholism and dreaded diseases like AIDS etc.

  Green Environment

  • Preserve the rich forest eco system inextricably connected with the socio-cultural traditions of the tribal societies.

  • Encourage plantations, fight against deforestation, felling of trees etc.

  • Raise plea on behalf of affected people to the government and other concerned authorities against illegal mines, unchecked industrial pollution and improper rehabitation due to industrial displacement.


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