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AGM & Conference

Annual General Meeting (AGM) is the event where members of SEA scattered across India and globe, come together to meet physically and have the official meeting of the association. This event is usually followed by Conference on the second day, where distinguished speakers from social, intellectual or political circles are invited to deliver speech and participate in debates with members of SEA on different subjects. Usually for entertainment, the evenings are occupied with cultural programmes.


SEA conducts Annual General Body Meeting (AGM) once per year at different chapters. So far it has been organized at places like Bhubaneswar, Rourkela, Kolkata, Jamsedpur, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Angul, Baripada and Bokaro. Following the SEA bye-law, AGM is organised with complete official procedures adhering rules and regulations. This is also an occasion where executive body along with members of the association held a round table meeting and do complete analysis of past deeds and also chalk out action plan and strategy for coming years.

Usually the AGM contains following agenda:

  • Speeches of the Executive body on overall SEA activities and initiatives.
  • Presentation of different projects and initiatives implemented by SEA in that year.
  • Chalk out plan and strategy for activities in the coming year including new projects and initiatives.
  • Introspection of failures if any during the current year.
  • Finance report presented by SEA treasurer and discussion on any financial issue if arises.
  • Also discussion on any serious issue affecting members and the overall activities.
  • Releasing SEA souvenirs.
  • Felicitation of Santal achievers on different domains.



SEA organizes one day conference on different issues pertaining to Santals and in general to Adivasi. Usually the subject line is not limited and varies on wide range such as social, political, economics, educational issues. The theme of discussion varies year to to year. This event is not confined to only SEA members, people outside SEA fraternity also attend with prior registration and take part in various discussions.

Usually following events are kept on agenda:

  • Open Session comprising SEA President and General Secretary along with invited Chief Guest and other Speakers.
  • Paper Presentations by different SEA members on various issues pertaining to Adivasi.
  • Panel Discusssions with mix of SEA experts and invited intellectuals.
  • Keynote Speaker session by subject experts from inside/outside SEA.
  • Inauguration of new projects or initatives.
  • Releasing of SEA Souvenir.
  • Felicitation of Santal achievers on different area such as education, sports, arts or similarly other area.
  • Exhibition of Adivasi art, culture, books and simialr unique things that adds value to people.

Some of the following themes were set at Conferences at different years:

  • 2016, Rourkela: Silver Jubilee Celebration: Introspection of SEA over last 25 years
  • 2014, Bhubaneswar: Roles of SEA on Overall development of Santal society
  • 2012, Kolkata: Marching towards Entrepreneurship
  • 2010, Rourkela: Reviving Santal Culture, Tradition and Dharam
  • 2008, Jamsedpur: Working with Corporates and State leadership


The event is a family event having all ages of people starting from kids to old-age people. Keeping them engaged, interested and satisfied is not easy for which the organizers team put different events for different age group. Usually the first day is planned for AGM and Birsole, whereas the second day is planned for Conference. The evening on both the days is best spent with cultural programmes performed by in-house talents, local artists and sometimes outside orchestra team. During the Birsole session, different games and entertainment programmes for kids and ladies are also arranged. Social interaction is one of the objectives gets fulfilled best by getting involved in different activities performed over there. Usually evenings are well spent when all shake their legs with tune of live music and performance.


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