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SEA has executed many projects over a time and some of them are still continuing. Many people have contributed immensely spending their personal time and energy from the common platform of SEA.  Few significant initiatives are listed below although it is not easy to list all of them because our model of work in not always centralized. If some of the members feel a need for certain cause, they independently take over that social cause and work together. Some of them are captured below

  • SEA hostel This is a less expensive hostel of 40 seats capacity operating at Bhubaneswar since last 3-4 years. The purpose of this facility is to help needy and poor adivasi students to provide less expensive hostel accommodation during their study. Also it provides accommodation to the passed out students who find difficulty in staying outside. This is not only a mere hostel to stay, but it provides an ideal environment for a student to study. Apart from basic amenities, it has a computer facility where in-mates can use computer for their learning purpose

  • Akil Ahla:This is an easy and intuitive educational software which provides audio-visual effect to learn Santali using Ol-Chiki. It is useful not only for those who know Santali but also for others as audio pronunciation is embedded.  We have kept in mind that people will use this who are acquainted with English already. This project is an collaborative effort with Tata Steel.

  • Career Counseling:In this competitive world, it is essential to build a students in all respect. Bookish knowledge and narrow vision does not suffice to grow in the ladder. We tried to solve this common issues of many adivasi students by counseling them in different topics. Usually the topics covers skills preparation for job, communication skill, facing interview, group discussion, higher study, research and many more subjects.  We have performed such activities in many cities like Rourkela, Bhubaneswar, Kolkata and Jamsedpur in past. In future we are planning to do it more frequently and many other places

  • Industrial Displacement SEA had taken a role of mediator in doing proper negotiation between Ms SISCO Ltd and affected people at Keonjhar. SEA organized various meeting among these two parties along with many other associations and interested personals who are also involved in resolving the issues. Such issues keep on coming for adivasies in different corners of India and most of the time they are cheated. So it is our humble effort to represent on behalf of affected voiceless adivasi to corporate honchos with their demand and justifications. In future, we will be working further in such issues with bigger and serious responsibilities

  • Felicitation to Achievers:SEA has awarded and given respect to many achievers on the area of academic, sports and Santali literature

  • Support to Needy Students SEA has extended its kind arm to the needy students and help them financially overcoming their difficult situations.

  • Publishing MIL Books on Santali:SEA has distributed free MIL books on Santali languages to the students of various universities of Orissa, West Bengal and Jharkhand

 More details are coming soon ...



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