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Adivasis known as Scheduled Tribes constitute 8.6% of the population of India having 750 different communities. Plight of the Adivasis have not improved as it should have been even after 73 years of independence . One of the major reasons being nonparticipation in decision making process affecting the lives of the Adivasis. This is in spite of the fact that a number of provisions are available in the constitution of India and number of schemes are devised for the development of Tribals. All these provisions and schemes have definitely brought change but not to the level it should have been . There is lack of a concerted effort not only to identify the root causes but also possible solutions. There is also lack of certain basic data for different communities. There is also due to lack of effective research on the development of Adivasis. It only indicates ineffectiveness of the existing system. Setting up the CoE has been the outcome to make an attempt to bridge this gap. It is also important to appreciate that the socio – political and economic landscape is changing very fast so also the technology. It is therefore more appropriate to have a CoE by the Adivasis and for the Adivasis.

Santal Engineers Welfare Association ( SEA) has been debating and deliberating since its officially inception in 2005 and engaged in activities directed towards the development of the Adivasis. There is a growing feeling that a Centre of Excellence is necessary to work systematically for the holistic development of Adivasis. Therefore during AGM of 2019 at Bhubaneswar it was decided to set up the CoE at Bhubaneswar.

Vision, Mission & Objectives

Vision : To work towards holistic development of Adivasi societies and empower them to lead a life with dignity, equity and justice in line with their own generocity.

Mission: To be a think tank on policy research and advocate on Tribal development and establish the CoE as repository of knowledge and information. To engage in field activities to carry forward the vision.

Objectives: The CoE shall focus its work in following areas: 

   1. Education:

   2. Employability:

  3. Entrepreneurship:

  4. Culture and Language:

  5. Social Research:

Operating Model

    1. Guiding principles of operations:

The following would be the guiding principles that would form the base on which the CoE shall operate.

    2. Branches:

CoE at Bhubaneswar shall be central CoE and regional centers to be set up as and when requirement arises and the association (SEA) decides.

    3. Organisational  Structure:

CoE  is  established  as an independent entity promoted by SEA. To achieve its status as COE, it must have 

Building & Sustaining Excellence in CoE

    1. Characteristics of CoE:  Should have following features for sustaining long term excellence:

    2. Marketing: Marketing and public relations are important component of CoE’s overall strategy and can have following features.

    3. Revenue Streams and Resource Flows ( Financial Plans): Following strategies should be followed to raise funds for various initiatives.


Vision , Mission and objectives laid out shall be achieved through following strategic activities by CoE.

    1. Policy Advocacy:

    2. Research and Action Research:

    3. Capacity Development and culture  of excellence

    4. Knowledge management:

    5. Consultancy Services:

    6. Learning and Development:

Implementation Status

To have a modest beginning following physical targets have been set for the CoE for the current year 2020. These are the targets discussed and agreed in principle during Last AGM, Bhubaneswar in Dec2019. The below shows the plan vs implementation of this first year plan of actions.

Serial No Plan of Action Implementation Status
1 Organise hand holding or coaching of at least 10 student for Civil Service Provided coaching for 30+ students, majority of them got free and others highly concessional.
2 Organise student counselling session twice. Not done due to Covid-19 and lockdown.
3 Promote and mentor entrepreneurship among Adivasi. Though not done in large scale due to covid restriction, but few have been done through personal mentoring sessions.
4 Apply to govt of Orissa for allotment of land for CoE. Progress has been made on this front and will be done shortly the delayed task.

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